Royal Candy has its established warehouse and executive offices located in the east coast in Hillside NJ, approximately 5 miles from Newark Liberty International Airport. And service’s all kind of Discount, Variety, Dollar and Party stores in the entire country, throughout the United States.


Royal Candy has been yet branded and well known to offer an expanding selection span of hard and soft chew candies since the early 1990’s.
Bringing to consumers a colorful attractive and mouth watering sweet-taste selection of goods in value packs and at low budget cost.
Royal Candy stands out in the market with it’s attractive Lay-Down retail bags, to bring customer attraction at retailer’s store shelfs which drives to quick restock rotation, and brings your annual margins to a more profitable stand point. Thanks to our visible packaging design, which isn’t graphical but clear and attractive and window’s it’s actual content.

Royal Candy specializes in great customer service

We and holds on to customer satisfaction as a dedication of higher priority.

As small and larger customers equally and respectively deserve.

Thanks to our management team and professional executive assistance.

Royal Candy is always on the look to bring demanding and preferable products to your desk. Overlooking it’s own profitable margins, in order to serve it’s clientele as they desire.
It’s a commitment, not a plan.

As a result, Royal Candy took on a redistribution program of major branded products, currently offered in the market in larger quantities and so at higher pricing, in a very cost effective way. By offering repackages in smaller volumes, to bring affordability to end user consumers who crave them.

Royal Candy also offers a full stock line of Novelty and Toy Candy items
available in shipper style store display stands as well as counter top displays.

Our Products

Yogurt Chews
Fruit Chews
Root Beer
Peanut Crunchy